Tuesday, July 05, 2005

V1 at New Ruskin College


Lecture Notes: 06-23-05

What Mr. Bush should say about the bombings of Baghdad and Iraq:

“From time to time the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.”
---- Thomas Jefferson

We support the Free People of Iraq as they struggle for their freedom against the forces of evil and tyranny which hide in secret conspiracy in the dark, afraid to show themselves, because they fear Justice.

People of Iraq, know this, you are not alone.

America has sealed its bonds of friendship with the Free People of Iraq with the blood of our young people. We even now are at the side of the Iraqi People at this very moment as the ordeal to give birth to the New Iraq continues.

To the people of Iraq I say again, you are not alone.

Your ordeal today is the same ordeal all free people have had to endure to win their freedom. Recall London, 1942, as the Battle of Britain was fought over their very roof tops. Recall the Vergeltungswaffe weapons.

Vergeltungswaffe? Vergeltungswaffe? Forgive my German.

Revenge Weapons? Revenge?

Revenge for what? What had the British done to Mr. Hitler?

People of Iraq, don’t you know what the British had done?

Yes! They were free! That is all it takes to make mortal enemies! Simply being free causes the evil, disgustingly brutal, the hatful villains to set upon you. That is all it takes, simply being free, to make such enemies.

The V1s, the ‘buzz bombs’, rained down on London in the early 1940s. Whole families killed in an instant, in an explosion of a 1,000 pound bomb of high explosives. It was their darkest hour.

No, sadly, People of Iraq, I tell you that you are not alone, in your suffering, in your dying, in the daily bleeding ---- this all free people have known, have had to endure, we know your struggle, know your sorrow.

And I tell you that America is your true friend; we shall stand with you today, as we stood with our British friends in their darkest hour. (Mr. Churchill called it their finest hour.)

And we shall be there by your side tomorrow, and tomorrow, until the light of Justice is made to shine down on your tormenters.

People of Iraq, you are not alone.



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