Sunday, July 24, 2005

NY, NY at New Ruskin College

Army Navy Club
Item No.: 46
Operation New York, London is under attack.

The fact that one of the London bombers had on a shirt that had the words, “New York,” should be taken as a clue in as much as the bombers knew that they would be photographed by the London subway cameras.

This last attack reveals the falsity of the often heard admonition that : “We have to be lucky every time the terrorists only have to get lucky once.”

The reality is perhaps the opposite. The terrorists only have to make one mistake and we can identify and arrest them. One slip up might be enough.

For example Atta was said to have been a “professional” and that he had compartmentalized his operation. The facts are in the negative on both accounts: he made many amateurish mistakes, for example the repeated trips to Czechoslovakia, and he lived in the same house as one of the other pilots. If one or the other had been caught they both would have been caught.

The key to catching terrorists is to have lots of data points. Hopefully the first data point will not be them crossing the border, yet thanks to Mr. Bush’s open borders policy this is exactly the case, or rather even the border will not provide any information as they are not controled. At the port of entry the illegal is given a “notice to appear” at some future court date and they are gone, like the wind.

Yet even so, as the terrorist moves about we have hundreds of chances to catch him and we only have to be successful once, while he on the other hand must avoid our countermeasures successfully every time. But you are lied to about this because Americans hate defense. All the smart guys who want to lead you, lie to you because they only want to play on the offensive squad, they only want to be “the stars.” So they lie to you and tell you defense is futile. (It is not the only thing we should do but it is important in its own right.)

How do you know I am right? Just ask yourself do they care about you? If Mr. Bush cared about what happens to you would he be carrying out his open borders policy? Or for example, in Iraq the generals wanted more troops because they did not want to bother with, be bothered by, having to train and deal with Iraqi troops. They wanted another 100,000 troops so they could go on offense themselves, and “do the job” themselves, rather than “merely” supporting Iraqis.

Everyone has known about the movements over the Syrian border yet we can not control that border with double trenches protecting double fences with mobile remote controlled vehicles in the air and on the ground patrolling the no go zone. Why? How would it look for the US to guard the Syrian Iraq border while carrying out a open border policy in the US, because our borders are, as Mr. Bush says, “so big, our borders are big, they are just so big, . . . they are big . . .”? So our young people must die in Iraq because we do not want to admit that we can in fact control borders.

But I ask my self, just now hours from my own death, why should I care. What a foolish people. Not just the open borders, but the failure to control KWMD, (i.e. Knowledge of Weapons of Mass Destruction), the failure to put transponders on your cars so you can create a safety net, literally a network of sensors to warn of danger, the failure to use laser disk and computer aided instruction . . . on and on . . . the idiocy of “progressive taxation” . . . which causes you to think you are being “progressive” . . . well what is the use. I will protest open borders, and all the rest . . .

“Lord Stevens, a former head of Metropolitan Police who now serves on an advisory panel for Interpol's counterterrorism organization, said in an interview with the BBC: ''London is under attack. ... are working toward chemical or biological attacks. . .” (


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