Wednesday, July 27, 2005

FCC at New Ruskin College

Date: 07-26-05

F. C. C.Washington, DC 20003Email:

Plinio Designori
New Ruskin College .com

KQED, KGO, KSFO, KCBS, KNEW, ABC Network, PBS, Viacom, Michael Weiner aka Savage, Don Imus, Ron Owens, Mrs. Jack Swanson, and Michael Krasney

"I would encourage the FCC to take a very hard look at whether something that is this pervasive, something that is so corrosive to the integrity of the market place should not merely be investigated and pursued, but whether some of these stations deserve to have their licenses stripped," said Spitzer at the downtown Manhattan press conference trumpeting the settlement. "They know what the law is and they have been disregarding it willfully and pervasively."The FCC appears to be paying close attention.
Billboard Radio Monitor (

I have been the target of the above referenced people for the last fifteen years. I set up a web site,, to tell my story about how these rich powerful people have used their power, including their radio broadcasts, to oppress me over these years.

I came to their attention after conducting a letter writing campaign to the U. S. Senate about the importance of laser disks, computer aided instruction, in education. Out of envy or spite these people then began a program of harassment against me including using their radio broadcasts to let me know how they had interfered with my employment, or had me followed, etc.. Please visit my web site for the details.

I had hoped that those who have knowledge about what has been done to me would come forward and give evidence. No one ever came forward.

They have ruined me and driven me to my death. In a few days I will kill myself in front of the KQED building to protest them.

I ask that the FCC take away their broadcast licenses for their use of their broadcasts to harasse and oppress me.


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