Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina & the Terrorists at New Ruskin College

Army Navy Club
Item No.: 51

The hurricane Katrina is estimated to be over southern Louisiana for more than 24 hours.

Ironically the news, which normally hypes even rain showers has not fully informed public of size of impending disaster. Storm may alter entire national economy for months.

Terrorist action at this point is almost beside the point, would probably be lost in the enormity of calamity.

Then too the current enemy has been lackadaisical at best. For example there was no serious follow up to 9-11. (Why would you attack the worlds most powerful country and not have a set of attacks ready to go?)

Explanation lies in fact that for current enemy marshal terms are metaphors from their religion not actual military terms. For one thing the emphasis on suicide is example of amateurish or theological understanding of warfare. Suicide is used even when the attacker could strike and run and prepare for another strike. Suicide not technically important in war as greatest efficiency gained by repeated action with benefit of growing experience. But theologically martyrs are important in religion of Islam.

No follow up attacks because they are not really fighting a war. It is theology for them at best. Then too cultural differences put different emphasis on “efficiency” of “war” effort. Not exactly play acting but similar. Religious.

Anthrax attacks were thought to be a follow up to 9-11, a threat to scare nation into acquiescence. The sort of idea that college kids might come up with.

Yet clearly by now real anthrax attacks could have been carried out if enemy was seriously concerned with war making in Western sense.

The dikes of New Orleans are long term problem but explosives now planted in key locations, or vessel ladened with explosives allowed to crash ashore, would during peak tides guarantee what storm may on its own achieve.

Bio agents or even chemical agents in shelters or released during confusion and mixing of population during the recovery could now be devastating on entire East Coast region.

But due to enemies attitudes to war these attacks seem unlikely.

Good luck.


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